Our Focus


We focus on our patients.

Our members enjoy the peace of mind that comes from unhurried, one-on-one conversations with a team of healthcare providers, who personalize care based on individual needs.
Based on knowing our patients well, and with the results of comprehensive diagnostic testing, Integrative Health strives to provide our members with a higher quality of primary care through a membership that enhances health care plans.


We created a system our patients can see and understand.

We listen to our patients and we listen to each other. Because we know our members so well, our health care practitioners are able to recognize health issues quickly as they arise. Whenever a patient has a concern or question, they are able to contact their healthcare provider directly, and receive a response quickly. In cases where our members need care for injury or illness, we’re better able to collaborate efficiently on diagnosis and treatment.

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We collaborate proactively on one care plan for each individual.

Our team of healthcare providers truly care about prevention and the good health of each one of our members.
The doctors, nurse practitioners, chiropractors, acupuncturists, massage therapists, physical therapists, and staff are an established team who work together within a culture of coordinated healthcare. They are trusted experts in their fields who understand that a holistic and proactive approach is the most effective means to promote good health.
With a membership that allows you quick and affordable access to these types of integrative health care, you can maintain a healthy lifestyle without jumping through endless hoops.