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Integrative Health Care's collaborative team of expert providers deliver treatment plans for patients in a quick, convenient and efficient manner. In this truly unique integrative setting we offer patients a full spectrum of care including:


You will get exactly what you need for your well-being, all under one roof. Don't get bounced around to different health care facilities or deal with the unknowns of insurance. Call Integrative Health Care today for an all-in-one health care solution.

Exceptional health care from a team of physicians and specialists

Your illness, injury or chronic condition warrants the attention of a dedicated medical staff. Instead of jumping through hoops and fighting with your insurance, get hassle-free affordable health care at Integrative Health Care. Here's how we stand out as an engaging, caring and collaborative health care environment:

  • No generalized treatment: we'll provide a personalized care plan designed to fit your needs.
  • No unexpected bills: all costs are affordable and are mentioned upfront.
  • No rushed appointments: we set aside time to really hear our patients.

You'll feel welcomed. You'll feel taken care of. You'll get the treatment you need from the kind of team you want to work with. Call Integrative Health Care as soon as possible for your health care plan in Fort Collins, CO.

Health care is not a one-size-fits-all thing

At Integrative Health Care, you won't feel like another appointment. You'll get a specialized health care plan from an educated physician who collaborates with our team of specialists; chiropractors, therapists and acupuncturists. Contact Integrative Health Care as soon as possible to schedule your first appointment.

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